Updating Your Home on a Budget

Establish a Home Remodel Budget

Homeowners often put off home updates because they feel they won’t be able to stick to their budgets. At Altra Home Décor serving the greater Phoenix area, we’ve got a few tips in mind to help you stay on track. We’re happy to share them! [Read more…]


How to Find the Perfect Interior Designer

We Help Your Visualize Your Ideas

You’ve decided to redecorate, but like most people, you know you need help. This is where an interior designer comes in. At Altra Home Décor serving the greater Phoenix area, we’ll be happy to help you find the right interior design consultant who can make your house your home. [Read more…]


Merging Decorating Styles in a Home

Decorating Showroom

Our Gallery Showroom

Many of our customers here at Altra Home Décor in Phoenix tell us that they want to update or redecorate their homes or that they’re combining two households for the first time. Either way, they are challenged with figuring out how to blend one design style with another. Luckily, it’s not as hard as you might think. Follow these decorating tips to help you achieve the perfect eclectic look. Talk to the experts at Altra Home Décor serving the greater Phoenix area. We’ll be happy to help! [Read more…]


Adding Some Sparkle to Your Home

Alustra® Pirouette Window Shadings in the Dining Room

Maybe you’re bored with the dull look of your home. Or maybe you would just like to spice it up a notch. Either way, one thing to consider is adding a sparkly, metallic look. To see how it might look in your home, speak with a trained consultant at Altra Home Décor serving Phoenix today. [Read more…]


2017 PANTONE Color of the Year

It’s Back to Nature for Your Home—Go Green

If you’re looking for a new color for a room or your home, maybe it’s time to consider this year’s Color of the Year. To see a sample in person or to discuss ways to add color to your décor, speak with a trained professional at Altra Home Décor serving the greater Phoenix area. We’ll be happy to share our tips. [Read more…]


Achieve a Sun-Baked Tuscan Look for Your Home

Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters in a Tuscan Kitchen

Perhaps you’ve seen a beautiful Tuscan home while traveling. Or perhaps you’ve seen something in a magazine or on TV that has captured your heart. Adding a touch of romantic Tuscan charm and beauty to your modern-day living space can be easier than you think. To get some design ideas or to see some window treatments up close, speak with a trained consultant at Altra Home Décor serving Phoenix today. [Read more…]


Ready to Update Your Home’s Décor?

White Slipcovers with Silhouette® Window Shadings

White Slipcovers with Silhouette® Window Shadings

Is it time for a new look for your home? Maybe add some color or a pattern? If you’re stuck on ideas for how to do it, speak with one of the trained specialists at Altra Home Décor serving the greater Phoenix area. We’ll be happy to help you update your décor.

Consider a Slipcover

One of the main reasons to purchase slipcovers for sofas is to maintain the original upholstery for longer. Plus, if you want to change the entire color scheme of a room without the exorbitant expense of reupholstering the furniture, a slipcover could be the way to go—they can be made from a variety of fabrics, in any color or pattern you choose. In a matter of minutes, a colonial classic room can become an art deco masterpiece, just by throwing on a slipcover. [Read more…]


The Customer Experience Always Matters

Ask The ExpertWhen you think of the “customer experience” you tend to believe it is the same as quality of service. However, the customer experience is more than just providing great service, it’s about building long lasting relationships and making the entire process from start to finish, an enjoyable one. [Read more…]


Decorating Your Home From the Floor to Windows

Sometimes, people wait until they’re ready to sell their home before they actually decorate it. They might think they’ll only be in the home for a short time, or they’re daunted by the sheer volume of the task. At Altra Home Décor here in Phoenix, we’re happy to give you a few tips.

Tile and Stone Flooring

Tile Fooring

Start From the Floor Up

If your home has a mish-mash of different flooring in different rooms, it might seem chopped up and busy. Decide whether you want hardwood, laminate, tile, or carpeting. Then decide on color and texture. Remember, flooring is expensive. If you can’t do it all at once, keep the color similar at least throughout the downstairs area. Hardwood is usually the best way to go because it doesn’t show wear and tear like carpeting, and most people can get large area rugs to warm it up. [Read more…]


Establishing a Focal Point in a Room

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

Duette® Honeycomb Shades

When you walk into a room, what do you see first, the walls or the windows? Did you know that color plays a large role in establishing the focal point of the room? Put color where you want your eye to go. If you add color to the window, that is what you will see first. If the window’s frame is white and the window treatment is also white, it will blend in, and the walls and accessories will be the focus. Talk to a trained consultant at Altra Home Décor. We’ve been working with customers all over the Phoenix area, and we’ll be happy to help you determine what works best for your home. [Read more…]